In the United States where slavery and the
eradication of the continent's native peoples are an
indelible part of our history, institutionalized cruelty
against the weak and defenseless is as American as apple
pie. Although the U.S. eventually went to war against
Hitler and helped defeat him, his worldview lives on in
the land of the victors.

    Hitler declared, "He who does not possess power
loses the right to life." Nowhere has his belief found
more fertile soil than in modern America, where each day
millions of lambs, calves, pigs, chickens, cows, horses,
and other animals, most of them very, very young and all
of them innocent, are transported to killing centers to
be slaughtered for the tables of the master species.
Why? Because they can't fight back and defend themselves
against those who choose to kill and eat them.

    How long will these atrocities continue without our
raising our voices in protest against them? Fortified by
denial, indifference, and mindless custom that stretches
back to our primitive origins, our oppression and
exploitation of animals seems hopelessly eternal.

    The good news is that since a growing number of
people are saying "no" to the slaughterhouse and all
that it stands for, there is hope that someday this
abomination will come to an end. In the meantime,
however, what about the mass slaughter of all those
young and innocent ones that takes place mercilessly
day after day?

    By way of conclusion, I say the sooner we put an
end to our cruel and violent way of life, the better
it will be for all of us--perpetrators, bystanders,
and victims.
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