Table of Contents

Foreword by Lucy Kaplan, Esq.


        I: A Fundamental Debacle

1. The Great Divide
      Human Supremacy and the Exploitation of Animals

2. Wolves, Apes, Pigs, Rats, Vermin
      Vilifying Others as Animals

        II: Master Species, Master Race

3. The Industrialization of Slaughter
      The Road to Auschwitz Through America

4. Improving the Herd
      From Animal Breeding to Genocide

5. Without the Homage of a Tear
      Killing Centers in America and Germany

        III: Holocaust Echoes

6. We Were Like That Too
      Holocaust-Connected Animal Advocates

7. This Boundless Slaughterhouse
      The Compassionate Vision of Isaac Bashevis Singer

8. The Other Side of the Holocaust
      German Voices for the Voiceless





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