Other WEB sites

ALF Animal Liberation Front

ÁNIMA supporters of ET in Argentina

ANIMALS VOICE online network for animals

CHAI Concern for Helping Animals in Israel

COEJL Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life

CROATIA Animal Friends Croatia in Zagreb

CTA CTA's Region 2

DAISY SUTRA Website of strong supporter of Eternal Treblinka

DIRECTORY Animal protection groups worldwide

EDITOR Dr. Patterson's "author/editor" web page

EDITORI RIUNITI Publisher of Italian edition (Eterna Treblinka)

EQUUS Horse rescue project--see ET Ch. 6

ETHICS Ethics of Vegetarianism

FARM Farm Animal Reform Movement--see ET Ch. 6

GOODALL Jane Goodall Institute

GSPCA Goa Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, India

IVU International Vegetarian Union

JEWISHVEG Judaism and vegetarianism

KAPLAN Austrian animal rights advocate--see ET chap. 8 (German)

KUPFER-KOBERWITZ Dachau prisoner--see ET Ch. 8

LANTERN BOOKS publisher of Eternal Treblinka

MUSEUM U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington

NARN Northwest Animal Rights Network

NORWAY Norwegian Alliance for Animal Welfare

OCEANS Ocean Defense International

ORGANIC  natural health and beauty products

PEN Writers in defense of free expression

PETA People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals


PETITIONS human and animal welfare issues around the world

PORTUGAL ACTIVISTS Action Against Poisoning

POULTRY United Poultry Concerns

PROTECTING WILDLIFE Wildlife Protection Network

SANCTUARY Farm animal rescue and sanctuary

SERV  Society of Ethical and Religious Vegetarians

SLAUGHTER Slaughter of the innocents

VEGA!POL Publisher of Polish edition (Wieczna Treblinka)

VEGAN.COM Website of Eric Marcus--see ET Ch. 6

VEGAN.NU Vegan website in Sweden

VEGAN SWINES active animal rights group in Germany

VEGETARIAN CHANNEL Directory of vegetarian and vegan resources

WIESENTHAL Simon Wiesenthal Center

WILDLIFE Animal protection organization--see ET Ch. 6

YAD VASHEM Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem

ZWEITAUSENDEINS German publisher of Eternal Treblinka

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