I believe, along with many others, that your book is one of the most important books of the century.
--Tanja Tuma, publisher, Ljubljana, Slovenia

I find it difficult to adequately verbalize how good Eternal Treblinka is. It's the kind of book that you fervently wish was "required reading" by everyone because that's the only way it's going to get read by the folks who really need to read it.
--Anne McLean, New Hampshire, USA

Thanks a lot for your book. It is the greatest gift one could give to the animal rights movement.
--Jayasimha N.G, Coordinator-Campaigns & Legal Affairs, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), India

It's one of the few books which totally grabs the reader, not only while reading it, but afterwards also, and probably profoundly disturbs, shocks and destroys.
--Croatian philosopher Hrvoje Juric, Zagreb

Important may be an understatement when describing this book, as it is describes a microcosm in mans' history of destruction. It is the literary equivalent of a swift kick to the head that will jar the reader¹s perception of animal cruelty hopefully beyond their next few meals.
--Sara Singer, Bucharest, Romania

Charles Patterson's book is bone chilling, effective and true. I accept with conviction his conclusion that cruelty to animals ultimately leads to atrocities (genocides) by desensitizing us to violence against the weak.
--Jerry Terdiman

I have now been a vegan for some fourteen months. I have lost two stone in weight and in general ny capacity for food has decreased. I have now have great difficulty even smelling meat and walking past shops where meat is on sale. I went from being a meat eater to being a vegan. For those who wish to know why I changed please read the book Eternal Treblinka by Charles Patterson. Another motive was that I felt I could not critique the way modern society creates its food without taking this step.
--Martyn Shrewsbury, leader of the Wales Green Party Plaid Werdd, chosen as Green Party Candidate for Swansea West, UK

The book that breaks all taboos. The book that fires up controversies all over the world.
--Prijatelji Zivotinja (Animal Friends Croatia)

I continue to feel that your book is one of the most, if not the most important book on the subject of Animal Rights now, because it gets to the heart of the issue unlike any other.
--Rebecca Deinsen (Episcopalian priest)

Charles Patterson's Eternal Treblinka is a wonderful book about terrible subjects, a work that resonates and extends the best of liberal humanism and broad left activism to the exploitation, oppression and extermination of non-human species...a great book that will both expose readers to a world of valuable information that is not available to them in other sources, and help them, if they choose to act upon what they read, become better human beings in their relationship to both humans and animals.
--Norman Markowitz (Political Affairs, a Marxist monthly)

If anyone has not read Charles' book, you should! It is a terrific read and you will be compelled to sit up all night with it, no matter how much you'd rather put it down and go onto lighter fare. You will then buy ten copies todistribute to all your friends.
--Jennifer Lawler, National Writers Union, author of Dojo Wisdom

Thank you, thank you for your book. I wonder if true evolution will ever come--in our lifetime. The strength of your book will certainly bring more light to the darker places of animal oppression.
--Albie Clemmer, Keflavik, Iceland

This extremely well-written and researched book is eminently readable, and Patterson's passion for the subject matter shines through on each page.
--Ted Parsons, attorney, Red Bank, NJ

I will use your book as a healing bible and continue to mention it as a reference in every letter I write and every conversation I have.
--Laura Stitt (NH)

Incredible book about the Holocaust and how the mistreatment of animals justifies the mistreatment of humans
--Amber Galindo

It remains the finest contribution to the thinking, in our cause, that I will ever encounter.
--Lucy Rosen

Eternal Treblinka sounds like nothing less than a monumental contribution to humankind.
--Joy Balmer (CA)

One of the most poignant and powerful books I have ever read, and probably will ever read...I doubt the case for treating animals as equals has ever been put in such a convincing way.
--Adrien Bischoff-Dyson (UK)

Reading Eternal Treblinka is a shattering experience... Patterson writes so well that it is difficult to put this book down.
--Grady Harp (Altadena, CA)

The most important book on the Holocaust ever written.
--Jon Wynne-Tyson, author of Extended Circle

Every few years a book comes out that completely shocks the world. A book that forces people to change their ways, forces them to question what they have believed their whole lives, forces them to ACT, to DO SOMETHING. This is one such book.
--David Vidaurre (San Jose, CA)

A stunning book
--John Williamson (UK)

The rest of the world is learning what I knew immediately-- your book is awesome and life changing.
--Meria Heller

No one who reads this book will fail to be moved.
--Anglican Society for the Welfare of Animals

Eternal Treblinka should be on every list of essential reading for an informed citizenry...for the compelling comprehensiveness of the life-and-death story it tells.
--National Jewish Post & Opinion

It's wonderful how ET is reaching so many people and it's only the beginning. Your brave book will remain and be a strong testimony when we're all long gone.
--Patty Mark, Australia

There is no doubt in my mind that you have written a great book. It is seldom that such a comprehensive work of scholarship springs from a heart of compassion in the service of a noble and necessary idea. All the ingredients of your thesis--that the oppression of animals serves as the model for all other forms of oppression--have been available to thinking people for generations, but it remained for you to pull them together into a case for animal rights that we as a species cannot afford to ignore.
--Helen Weaver, author of The Daisy Sutra

Every so often a book is written that has the potential to make an incredible difference. Eternal Treblinka is one such book.
--N. Glenn Perrett

There are good books...entertaining, useful, informative; great books...whose message reveals a fundamental truth previously unknown or overlooked; and important books... that can save lives and ameliorate suffering: Eternal Treblinka is all three.
--Norm Phelps, Satya Magazine (NYC)

Fabulous book
--Ellen Roberts, Where Books Begin

It is a book that will cause controversy, even outrage. But it will shake the complacency of all who are involved with food production and food consumption. It is an essential weapon in our struggle for a non-violent world.
--David Graham, Vegan Organic Network (UK)

Interesting and compelling book...highly revelatory, if disturbing, read
--Mountain Xpress, Ashville NC

It is a great book indeed and an eye opener for many people.
--Eleonora Moser, SOS Saint Bernard Dogs, Geneva

Compelling, controversial, iconoclastic...Eternal Treblinka is strongly recommended.
--Midwest Book Review

Patterson's book sheds light on the violence perpetuated every day against animals and humans alike so that we might one day put an end to it.
--Moment Magazine

Whether the comparison between the extermination of the Jews and our daily slaughter of millions of 'food' animals evokes agreement or outrage, you will want to read this meticulously researched and compelling treatment of a painful and controversial subject.
--Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

...written with great sensitivity and compassion...important and timely...I hope that Eternal Treblinka will be widely read.
--Martyrdom and Resistance (Holocaust publication)

I admire your dedication to the protection of all life and hope that your book will stir others to the same action. I will try to alert others here to this work and invite them to join me in reading it. God bless you.
--Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston, EDS, Cambridge MA

Thank God for Charles Patterson. This is as important as any book that's ever been written.
--Meria Heller, internet radio talk show host, Phoenix

Eternal Treblinka is an eye-opening, thought-provoking book that I highly recommend as way of gaining additional insight into the psychology of the Holocaust.
--Michael Fein, The Gantseh Megillah, Montreal, Canada

Charles Patterson's book will go a long way towards righting the terrible wrongs that human beings, throughout history, have perpetrated on non-human animals. I urge you to read it and think deeply about its important message.
--Dr. Jane Goodall

Today I just finished reading one of the all-time BEST books, Eternal Treblinka, and must thank you for your immense contribution to humanity. It is my hope that your masterpiece will be translated into many languages and that it will receive the distribution it so richly warrants. For years I have been saying than anyone who eats animals is no better than a Nazi. It is great for me to have your Nobel-worthy work as validation.
--Karen Marcus, J.D.

Your book is powerful, moving, gut-wrenching, brilliant--destined to be a classic, I'm sure of it. I am grateful to be in it. I wish you every success in getting this stunning book the recognition and readers it so richly deserves. Mazel Tov on your achievement!
--Aviva Cantor

This is the most important book on human treatment of animals since Animal Liberation....Patterson does not offer any pat answers, but his book has clearly posed the problem, and that is what makes this a great book.
--Keith Akers (review in VegNews)

Amazing book, deeply impressive, awesome
--Bruce Friedrich, PETA

Surprising for its readability as well as its broad appeal. Somehow Patterson has managed to turn this educational work of non-fiction into something of a page-turner.
--Josh Frank, Ph.D., FIREPAW

It is such an important book and I just hope that it will open the minds and reach the conscience of many readers. Every evening I am looking forward to reading another chapter.
--Jan Cejka

Great and very courageous book
--Marco Lorenzi, Milan, Italy

Exciting, passionate, and daring
--Tom Salsberg, L'Chaim Vegetarian Group of Toronto

I consider this a very important achievement for animals and humans alike. Most probably your work will only be truly appreciated in years to come, but this is the fate of nearly all original and independent authors.
--Christa Blanke, Germany

Exceptionally well done. I'll recommend it to many others. A cold shower for relativists cozy in their SUV's, I hope many read it and I hope many Jews, like myself, make room for the lessons within. I don't see it as a diminution of the Holocaust. Quite the opposite.
--Paul Allen

You were relentless in your pursuit of the truth about man's treatment of animals. It takes a lot of integrity to write a book like this, to be so relentless. It made me cry to read it and I can guess what it cost you to write it.
--Marilyn Klein

Really excellent is an impassioned plea for justice for all creatures. It speaks to me.
--Anne Kelemen

I regard Eternal Treblinka as one of the best and most important animal rights books ever published.
--Erik Marcus

I eagerly await the publication of Charles Patterson's book. It will make an invaluable contribution to the quest for a more just and compassionate world.
--Dr. Elliot Katz, In Defense of Animals

I'm happy to support your book, and I would like to buy copies of it in bulk when you are done so that the group I am involved with can sell it
--Daniel Chard, New Haven CT

Charles Patterson's book has the potential of being a very important and influential book. I strongly believe that a book putting the issue of violence against human and non-human animals in historical perspective will help many people better understand the issue, and that Charles Patterson's experience and background make him an ideal person to write such a book.
--Richard Schwartz, Judaism & Vegetarianism

I am so glad you are writing the book. It is so powerful. I write books calculated to allow people to see how easy and enjoyable it is to help animals, but they are little books. Your book is big. I hope to god it stirs everything up. Your book takes me to the edge. I think it is important and wonderful. You can tell publishers we will carry it.
--Ingrid Newkirk, President, PETA

It sounds like you've got a terrific project underway.
--Tom Gerety, President of Amherst College

I look forward to what promises to be an important, thought provoking, and widely discussed book. Please send us an advance copy so we can inform our over 120,000 members nationwide.
--Bradley Miller, Humane Farming Association

We are looking forward to the publication of Charles Pattersonšs book. When it is completed it will be reviewed in the AWI Quarterly, and we would appreciate receiving an advance copy so we can help bring it to as wide an audience as possible.
--Christine Stevens, Animal Welfare Institute

I look forward to the publication of Charles Patterson's book. Putting the issue of animal abuse in historical perspective should clarify the issue for many people and help raise their consciousness. Please send me an advance copy so I can inform our 100,000 members about its publication.
--Dr. Neal D. Barnard, PCRM

It has great potential.
--Joy Weinberg, Reform Judaism

We at the Center for Compassionate Living fully support the publication of Dr. Patterson's book and look forward to receiving an advance copy so we may endorse it and inform our constitutents about it.
--Zoe Weil, Center for Compassionate Living

Your book sounds wonderful. Please add me and my group to your list. Good luck. Can't wait to see your book.
--Louise Stewart, Vegetarian Soc. of Georgia

Your book sounds fascinating. We are honored to give it our support.
--Jill Roberts-Wilson, DVM, Sacramento CA

Please add us to your supporters list. Many thanks for the work you are doing.
--Annelise Sorg, WhaleSave, Vancouver BC

I'm a teacher, a husband, an inhabitant of Earth, and a friend to all living beings. I do everything I can everyday to spread compassion, but I can't reach as many people as your book can. Good luck. I look forward to being one of the first people to purchase the book
--Kevin Smith, Jackson MS

This is a message that must be told. Humans must stop and take an in-depth look at what we have been doing to all the occupants who share this planet with us. I would like to be added to the list of supporters. Thanks for asking--I'm honored.
--Linda Hatfield, Golden Valley MN

I'm glad to see that so many people have already endorsed your book. I'm sure it is going to be wonderful. I hope it's a roaring success and serves to educate people.
--Dr. Marjorie Cramer (surgeon), PCRM

I welcome this book not only because of its important subject matter, but because Charles Patterson is the author. This guarantees that the book will be bold, analytical, and fascinating. He is exactly the right person to write what promises to be one of the most influential books of the 21st century.
--Dr. Karen Davis, United Poultry Concerns

This book is going to change the world.
--Albert Kaplan, Laidlaw Global Securities

This is one of the best written, best researched animal rights books that I've ever had the pleasure to examine.
--Robert Cohen, Dairy Education Board

Congratulations on the book. It is a huge public service. The book will stand the test of time, and its value and stature will continue to grow.
--Michael Larsen, literary agent
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